Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Let It Snow

I depend on Christmas movies and Christmas music to get me into the mood this time of the year, but I very rarely look to books to do the same. Why not? Especially for someone as bookish as I am. I mean, there are a few I mentioned below, but they're mostly kids book.

So when I started pulling together a YA holiday display for my library, I was amazed that I couldn't find all that many. Of what I could find, there were very few I actually wanted to read. Luckily, Let It Snow was the one that I jumped at, and I'm so glad I did. It's really helped get me in the mood this year.

Frankly, the names on the cover were enough to get me to pick it up. I am a HUGE John Green fan, and I really enjoy the Maureen Johnson stuff I've read. (I'm not such a fan of Lauren Myracle, but I understand why a lot of kids love her.)

I thought this was going to be three separate short stories, but it turned out to be three inter-related short stories. Even better! They all start on Christmas Eve in a small town after a train has to stop for the night due to snow. The main character from one story becomes a supporting character in the next, and the same small-town odd folks show up in all of them. The stories, heavy on teen angst and romance, tie together beautifully. Think of it as an American teen Love Actually that all takes place in one night. If that doesn't get you to pick it up, then we can't be friends.

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